Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grocery Escapades

Lord, am I tired today. We went to our big new year celebrations yesterday. I'm kind of sore and seem to have lost my voice. It was a good lot of fun though. There was much seeing of friends that we haven't connected with in a while and it was all smiles the whole night. Food, or course was great as usual. I love ismaili cooks. The tea kept flowing all night. I had fun. But now I have no voice and I'm barely awake. the plan was to duck out early, but we left at half-twelve.
I thought a jog would do me good after I woke up rather groggily this morning (That's what a hangover must feel like). It did nothing but make me sweaty. But that's okay, I got my dose of exercise in.
We went to the grocery store too because of the general lack of comestibles in the house. It turns out it was Ismaili Day because we saw about a thousand of them at the Extra Foods. They must all have been too busy primping yesterday to leave the house. Understandable. We are a small community but at any one time we are absolutely everywhere in this city. We infiltrate. We would make good agents of darkness or something. We even have a secret handshake (I'm kidding....or am i?)
Anyway, there was something that bugged me about being in the grocery store. This couple with their 8 year old child were shopping. I gotta say they were the most doting parents I had ever seen in my life. Every item purchased was followed by a long congregational meeting about how the food would be eaten by the child. It's a child! It'll eat whatever you give it....good grief..."will you eat this bread with cheese?" "maybe" "How about with butter" ...who you want to buy bread or not....if not, then get off my planet!
Finished reading drought by Jan Thornhill. Good book. Not exactly material that would fly off the shelves. I just started "A house by the sea" by Sikeena Karmali who is a Vancouver Ismaili author. So far so good. Makes me really want to visit the homeland. Perhaps my next trip will be to Dar-es-Salaam just to go and have a look at my old neighbourhoods and take a trip to the Old Town in Zanzibar which is a beautiful island just off the coast. How lovely. Anyway, book is good and I shall keep you all posted....I'm going to go and lie down until the throbbing in my head subsides....ciao!