Friday, March 9, 2007

Daters and Haters

Current Mood: Lethargic

Current Song: Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae

So, it's one of them days. I'm so sleepy today....two cups of coffee and nothing. Energy Low!

But anyway, i saw this thing on the Gill Deacon show today about how men and women respond to looks during dates. You know women, we obssess waaaaaaaaaaay too much about our looks and our hair and if the shoes match the earrings which should match the shade of lipstick. Apparently women are much more perceptive when it comes to details. They did an interesting experiment where they set up two people on a blind date. In the first one, the girl excused herself and went and changed her top a couple of times. The guy didn't notice, and didn't say anything. When he was asked later, he said "yeah I thought something was different, but I wasn't sure". The tops were the same colour, but varied in sleeve length and neck and some details. Interesting. They also set it up the other way in which the man excused himself and put on a pair of coloured contacts. The woman said right away "you eyes look different. did you do something to them?" Oddly subtle but completely noticeable. I know you women out there notice when a guy's shoes aren't polished or there is a stain. Odd huh. So for dates, men: make sure you're immaculate. Women: show up in sweatpants, cuz it probably won't matter! :)

My favourite singles blog to read This Fish ( posted her entry on nexting. You know women, how our phones tend to be on vibrate and we think we hear mr. fabulous calling and he doesn't and we keep torturing ourselves. Everytime there is a text we think "ooh, maybe that's him!" and it never is. Well, she "nexts" them. Meaning the number is erased, the texts messages are history and the phones are turned off. Oh trust me, I've done it too. It's soul sucking. Also, I don't keep the phone on vibrate. It's either off or on....See? I'm not the only insane one!

Anyway, thats that.....going to go and drink something caffeinated in the hopes of staying up for another hour or two! ciao!