Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men can't fix Fashion mistakes

So, it's been a rather uneventful type of week. I haven't been sleeping well again. This is becoming a constant bother in my life. And the headaches seem to be crawling, no, clawing back and setting up shop again. Oh well. I guess this is the price I pay for being gorgeous.
So a day or so ago, I stumbled onto yet another book sale. These things are lethal. i ended up with 3 more books, which makes a total of 13 books in the last month. I am still reading draught, but now I really don't have to buy any books until at least July. I won't be flying through these anytime soon but, it's comforting to see the collection grow. At least I'm not addicted to other things, such as smoking....or hugging people....can't imagine what that would do to this spiny shell I worked so hard to create.

Oh yes, was at prayers on monday (told you it would be a big praying week). The fashion mistakes there are sometimes deplorable. It makes me sad. Here's one....if your nehru collared jacket has a paisley print on it, please do not wear matching paisley print pants. This is not a good idea....ever! Monochrome done wrong....very wrong! Also please dress age appropriately. Lady, we know you work out, we can see your biceps, but we don't need to see middle-age creeping up below your bra strap....try and tone down the spandex okay?
If i ever become a fashion no-no I shall impale myself on an eyelash curler.
One of these days I'll crack and tell the tone-deaf woman that she can't sing....watch me go!
Okay, i'm allergied out, and not having slept is not helping me. So I shall go and lie in bed, and stare at the ceiling until one of us collapses...toodles!


Scott McLean said...

Hi, Sorry to hear so little sleep. Me too. I have asthma and now am trying to walk every evening to feel better and also helps me to relax and then sleep too, I hope. Take care.