Thursday, March 29, 2007

If You Cannot Get Rid of the Family Skeleton, You May as Well Make it Dance.


Current Mood: Exhausted (just finished running)

Current Song: Pehchaan by Penn masala (means recognition)

I feel like I need all the humours drained out of me. I feel so full of something. Like I'm stuffed with Hay or something. Just need a good draining. I have gone running every single day this week. For some reason i'm feeling that if I run that much than perhaps I'll run far enough to reach the next flight to France. I'm a runner. I've also noticed in the last few years that I'm a nomad. I used to hate moving around, but the more stable things become the more I feel like I need to get up and go. Commitment issues much?

So a word about Facebook: The past is a horrible ghost that haunts you all the time. It peers and goes Boo! every few days. I have really got to be more choosey. I know. I can't be any more choosey. Oh well, it seems elementary school has also taken up Facebook. Most of the people at my elementary school I couldn't stand and wished dead (with the exception of about 3 of them). I'm sad to say they are mostly alive still. Oh well, I can't have everything I want all the time. I guess I'll have to continue to be gorgeous and successful all the same :)

Also, I now know why people can't spell. I blame it on shorthand writing on emails, texts and IM's. If ppl actuly spld stf out, then may-b thr grmr wldn suck so mch. Children! And if one more person spells "you're" as "your" I will have to roundhouse kick them in the head. Seriously, learn the difference! It drives me absolutely batty. Yes, I am also guilty of grammar mistakes (it's certainly difficult to be perfect all the time, though i do a bang-up job of it), but mostly I tend to curb my enthusiasm about spelling things wrong.

A side note: check out It is a new sight which defines slang terms. For instance a "tune wedgie" is a song that gets stuck in your head. Or the "Proletariat Chariot" is the bus. Although I prefer to call it the peasant wagon. But you know...
Okay my fingers are cramping. I shall write after the weekend...ciao!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Warning: If you are looking for funny, today is not the day


Current mood: slightly emotional

Current song: You Know So Well by Sondre Lerche

This would be the second in a series of days where sleep seems to have escaped. I slept with a terrible headache and woke up only to find that it had somehow gotten worse. I woke up to the sound of crows today, piercing the morning silence with their shrill warning alarms. The white hot sun stung my eyes. Who knew that the sun could be so adverse sometimes, especially when you are not ready to greet the day. Again, this is what a hangover probably feels like.

I woke up at 8 and had my coffee and went for a run at 9. My lungs hurt again from the frosty air that hadn't quite burned off as yet. While I breathed in the shards of piercing air, the sun warmed my back. It is weird to be pulled in two different directions.

Today is one of those days that I am grateful for a God. he takes so many forms, and sometimes I don't agree with them at all. He is sometimes a small god running circles around my feet and pulling at my pant leg or untying my shoelaces. He is sometimes a big god, one that moves the mountains, whose voice you can hear in the hollows that lace their way through forests. It becomes difficult to deny his presence in my life. I am grateful for that sun that woke me up rather jarringly, and the robin that started singing at 5 in the morning amidst my fitful bouts of sleep. I am grateful for cuts and scars and the ability to get back up when I need to. I am grateful for being breakable and for healing. I am grateful that I have time. Time, that I can sip slowly so I don't have to see the bottom of the glass too fast. Time that lets me run and catches up when it needs to.

Today is a fitful day. I am a specimen in a convergent universe. Let me have my time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grocery Escapades


Lord, am I tired today. We went to our big new year celebrations yesterday. I'm kind of sore and seem to have lost my voice. It was a good lot of fun though. There was much seeing of friends that we haven't connected with in a while and it was all smiles the whole night. Food, or course was great as usual. I love ismaili cooks. The tea kept flowing all night. I had fun. But now I have no voice and I'm barely awake. the plan was to duck out early, but we left at half-twelve.
I thought a jog would do me good after I woke up rather groggily this morning (That's what a hangover must feel like). It did nothing but make me sweaty. But that's okay, I got my dose of exercise in.
We went to the grocery store too because of the general lack of comestibles in the house. It turns out it was Ismaili Day because we saw about a thousand of them at the Extra Foods. They must all have been too busy primping yesterday to leave the house. Understandable. We are a small community but at any one time we are absolutely everywhere in this city. We infiltrate. We would make good agents of darkness or something. We even have a secret handshake (I'm kidding....or am i?)
Anyway, there was something that bugged me about being in the grocery store. This couple with their 8 year old child were shopping. I gotta say they were the most doting parents I had ever seen in my life. Every item purchased was followed by a long congregational meeting about how the food would be eaten by the child. It's a child! It'll eat whatever you give it....good grief..."will you eat this bread with cheese?" "maybe" "How about with butter" ...who you want to buy bread or not....if not, then get off my planet!
Finished reading drought by Jan Thornhill. Good book. Not exactly material that would fly off the shelves. I just started "A house by the sea" by Sikeena Karmali who is a Vancouver Ismaili author. So far so good. Makes me really want to visit the homeland. Perhaps my next trip will be to Dar-es-Salaam just to go and have a look at my old neighbourhoods and take a trip to the Old Town in Zanzibar which is a beautiful island just off the coast. How lovely. Anyway, book is good and I shall keep you all posted....I'm going to go and lie down until the throbbing in my head subsides....ciao!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Strange Dreams, Warm Tents, and Rain


Current Mood: Achy

Current Song: Je Serai La by Teri Moise (great french singer)

I'm staring at the rain right now. i could really use a sunny day. It's been relentless, unceasing, constant, and its glooming me out now. There is only so much I can love it. It's like family you can take enough of it, but not more (sorry mom and zoyah...i hate you both...kidding). I want to wear sunglasses and get skin rashes from the UV. I miss the itchy redness...that's how much I miss it.

Yesterday was the new year. Meh. Not terribly exciting frankly, but what can you do. More hugging, and smiling, and dressing up and then it was over in one hot flash. The food, always good. The people, always enchanting *rolls eyes*. Now the big PNE deal this weekend. That should be interesting to say the least. You never really know with these things. I shall give you the necessary update/wardrobe phenomenon.

I had the strangest dream last night...actually sort of midmorning. I dreamt that we were in London, and we walked into this strange little indian shop. It was dark, and looked more like something you'd see in India. So this place smelled like sandalwood, and sold all of these little religious nicknacks. I stopped by a shelf of wooden snakes all in different positions. i saw a coiled up wooden snake carving, and I went to touch it and it hissed at me! Then the other ones started to hiss. It didn't try to bite, but I woke up rather perturbed.
So I checked it up of course.
According to, the snake if it bites, can be seen as a warning against a person or event in your life. If positive, it represents wisdom. It can also stand for male/sex. You know which one I'm hoping for :P
Wood may mean that I'm dead inside (I told you!), or can represent Wisdom or Spritual Energy, also that you need to think things through before you do them.
So if I put these things together, I'm guessing the entrance of some sort of spiritual wisdom in my life....or perhaps a wise male *wink wink* strange....not sure if I believe in dream interpretation. I do have a strong sense of intuition though, which often are correct. I also have deja vu at times....I'm odd aren't i?
Anyway, time to go flounder about now.....see you all after the PNE events!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men can't fix Fashion mistakes


So, it's been a rather uneventful type of week. I haven't been sleeping well again. This is becoming a constant bother in my life. And the headaches seem to be crawling, no, clawing back and setting up shop again. Oh well. I guess this is the price I pay for being gorgeous.
So a day or so ago, I stumbled onto yet another book sale. These things are lethal. i ended up with 3 more books, which makes a total of 13 books in the last month. I am still reading draught, but now I really don't have to buy any books until at least July. I won't be flying through these anytime soon but, it's comforting to see the collection grow. At least I'm not addicted to other things, such as smoking....or hugging people....can't imagine what that would do to this spiny shell I worked so hard to create.

Oh yes, was at prayers on monday (told you it would be a big praying week). The fashion mistakes there are sometimes deplorable. It makes me sad. Here's one....if your nehru collared jacket has a paisley print on it, please do not wear matching paisley print pants. This is not a good idea....ever! Monochrome done wrong....very wrong! Also please dress age appropriately. Lady, we know you work out, we can see your biceps, but we don't need to see middle-age creeping up below your bra strap....try and tone down the spandex okay?
If i ever become a fashion no-no I shall impale myself on an eyelash curler.
One of these days I'll crack and tell the tone-deaf woman that she can't me go!
Okay, i'm allergied out, and not having slept is not helping me. So I shall go and lie in bed, and stare at the ceiling until one of us collapses...toodles!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm not Stupid...yessssssssss!


What a fun weekend. I'm tired. I really should be in bed now because my eyes are closing.
We watched "The Holiday" this weekend. I thought it was such a cute movie. Now, I'm not one for chick flicks. They usually make me ill, and i just can't take all of that lovey-dovey stuff all at once (reason number 534 why I'm single). But I thought it was such a good movie. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside...until I realized that I had a bounce sheet in my shirt....
No really, very good movie...I recommend it if you haven't already seen it :)

Today, they had Test the Nation on CBC, which was an interactive IQ test that you can take on TV. It was apparently based on real IQ tests. Each question had a time limit and they tested on 5 areas of cognition i.e. logic, math, language, perception and memory. I'm happy to say that I'm not stupid. I scored at 120 (which is above normal THANK GOD!). Normal IQ's range from 90-110. Anything below 90 indicated mental deficiency (I predicted I'd fall here) and anything above 110 indicates superior intelligence. I scored highest on Language and lowest on math (Surprise, surprise). Glad to not be dumb. I once took the US equivalent of test the nation and scored an unequivocal 128. That wasn't quite right I didn't think, but maybe Canadians are smarter than Americans. Who knows. If you want to take an IQ test, you can at How smart are you?

Also, I have never laughed this hard in a long time. We had the pleasure of going over for a late lunch to a friend of my mother's house (I know you read this blog....thank you! It was lovely! ). Their daughters, though older than Zoyah and Me are very much like us. Freakishly so! Too much fun. Angelic people. We must do it again!
Anyway, now i'm tired. Might go and read something...then go to sleep....long praying, festive week ahead of me...ack!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Talent Show (And Bald Men)


We went to the Talent show yesterday, Zoyah's talent show. She did really well. She sings beautifully (she's the talented one in the family. I am merely the awesome one). My mom calls the talent show, "all those noisy kids" because there are student bands that play. Some good, some uh....need work. I quite like the live music (or noise). I think my mother hates electric guitars. Sort of funny because she's trying with all her might not to plug her ears. Below, a picture of my sister in her element. Isn't she pretty? SHE'S MINE!

Okay, so I've fallen in love (yes, again).....but this time with someone really really old! My mom and I watched a really good movie called Abdulla. It's about this guy who is muslim and lives in the desert by himself, and he finds a baby that is hindu and has to raise him. Then there are bandits and all kinds of fun stuff that go on for like 8 hours. But anyway the guy who plays the Sheikh (which is like Prince), his name is Sanjay Khan. I totally thought he was hot. He's really old now, but I would marry him. He also has a brother whose name is Feroz Khan. He's totally hot too and old, but it doesn't matter. Pictures below. They're pretty wicked. Feroz Khan is bald, which is hot. Something about bald guys. For some reason I think they're more honest because they can't hide stuff in their hair (they don't have any). My favourite one at the moment (flavour of the month) is Ami James, a tattoo artist from Miami Beach. He has this really old man smile, which I love. But he could totally kick your ass if you mess with him. He takes crap from nobody. He's no Feroz Khan, but he'll do. oooooh. Okay, so first picture. Feroz Khan. dude, he could kick your butt. don't mess with this guy. he's kickin'. Second guy his brother Sanjay, but way back in the seventies. he's the one hugging that girl. Tell me that's not the face of an angel.
I know my mom is embarrassed of me right I'll just leave it at that....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Things I miss....


Current Mood: Drugged

Current Song: The Pair by Marc Robillard (Canada's answer to Jack Johnson)

I've been wanting to write about things I miss. I don't want them back necessarily but it would be nice sometimes if they showed up for no reason.

The old swing in my house in Africa
Hanging out on the balcony
She-rah Princess of power (I always wanted to be her, but I'm brown)
Those terrible no name chocolate chip cookies from when I first came to canada (they tasted like shoes)
Old House smells
The smurfs in arabic (Papa smurf is Baba Samfoor)
Shows like "under the umbrella tree" and "shoe people" and "Poddington Peas" and "Me and You"
Big Art Attacks
That beaded dress I used to wear to the Beach
Coffee from London
The smell of Sainsbury's
Spinach Gum

Just as I suspected, spring has arrived and so have the first of my allergies. It wasn't pleasant. I went for a run today...i'll wait until you get off the floor and back onto your chairs........
So I went for a run today, and it was sunny and it made my lungs hurt because it was cold, but worth it by gum. I came home and the pollen had made my eyes red and itchy so I'm in a painless yet bloated stupor right's far too terrible....but it was good to get a bit of sun so I don't look like a vampire and scare neighbourhood children (though too sweet a delight).
Also finished Jacques Carpentiers Rue St. Denis. It was alright. Far from scary. but then again nothing scares me, except perhaps dogs and commitment. I haven't been scared since I read monsters in my school when I was 9. After that, I have yet to find anything that frightening...except dogs and commitment.
Now I have started Jan Thornhill's Drought. Shall see how it goes. The first story left me a bit parched.... Okay me and my delapidated self will go to sleep now. Have a good day everyone!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Daters and Haters


Current Mood: Lethargic

Current Song: Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae

So, it's one of them days. I'm so sleepy today....two cups of coffee and nothing. Energy Low!

But anyway, i saw this thing on the Gill Deacon show today about how men and women respond to looks during dates. You know women, we obssess waaaaaaaaaaay too much about our looks and our hair and if the shoes match the earrings which should match the shade of lipstick. Apparently women are much more perceptive when it comes to details. They did an interesting experiment where they set up two people on a blind date. In the first one, the girl excused herself and went and changed her top a couple of times. The guy didn't notice, and didn't say anything. When he was asked later, he said "yeah I thought something was different, but I wasn't sure". The tops were the same colour, but varied in sleeve length and neck and some details. Interesting. They also set it up the other way in which the man excused himself and put on a pair of coloured contacts. The woman said right away "you eyes look different. did you do something to them?" Oddly subtle but completely noticeable. I know you women out there notice when a guy's shoes aren't polished or there is a stain. Odd huh. So for dates, men: make sure you're immaculate. Women: show up in sweatpants, cuz it probably won't matter! :)

My favourite singles blog to read This Fish ( posted her entry on nexting. You know women, how our phones tend to be on vibrate and we think we hear mr. fabulous calling and he doesn't and we keep torturing ourselves. Everytime there is a text we think "ooh, maybe that's him!" and it never is. Well, she "nexts" them. Meaning the number is erased, the texts messages are history and the phones are turned off. Oh trust me, I've done it too. It's soul sucking. Also, I don't keep the phone on vibrate. It's either off or on....See? I'm not the only insane one!

Anyway, thats that.....going to go and drink something caffeinated in the hopes of staying up for another hour or two! ciao!

Thursday, March 8, 2007



My eye is itchy. I don't know why. I think i ate some not so good chocolate. I should stop that.

Anyway today I watched this show called "made". It's about turning teenagers into something that's the total opposite of what they are. Today they turned a socially awkward girl into a prom queen. The journey was an interesting one is all i have to say. I wonder if kids are somehow programmed to be socially awkward. This girl was not good at conversations. At one point she said goodbye to someone and then started continuing the conversation with them. I think when you say goodbye to someone, generally, thats your cue to leave. She was a book worm too, and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you're reading in the middle of a crowded party, there is a problem. And then she had this terribly nervous laugh...jeez.....I have a nervous thing I do too. I usually wear a necklace and I tend to play with it when i get nervous. I tend also to bite my lips or tap my shoe. Zoyah keeps flipping her hair when she's nervous or giggle. I think if I had children (which I won't mother!) then I would do everything to make sure that they are involved in some way, so that they don't list Klingon as their second language on their resume (ew).

I finished vine of desire. good book. now i'm reading some french author. its pretty long drawn out. They are supposed to be short stories crafted in the tradition of E.A. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. I've read the former, and so far, not so much. We'll see how it goes. The author is creepy looking though. He's not the fellow you'd want to meet in a bar on a highway or in an elevator late at night....*shudder*

So I shall likely blog after the weekend....until then....toodle-oo

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Semi-Charmed Life


I feel sad for Anna Nicole. Not because she was particularly good at anything, but because she has been decomposing for a month now, and they only just buried her. If I do become famous, I want to be famous for being a recluse. I think that will be best. I don't like how everything got completely scrutinized in her funeral. They even went so far as to tell us that the casket cover was made of the hair of angels and washed in the tears of babies. Who cares, it's going in the dirt. That is not a dignified way to die. I know by the end of my life, I'll have done plenty of things wrong (heck, i'm counting on it), but the one last thing you should be able to do is leave this earth with dignity. sad really.

On the other hand, I am almost done my book. It's making me a bit sad and making me think of unrequited love. I hate being weepy. Perhaps there's something in the air....I should have to buck up soon...or buck off.

I am terribly happy that spring is in the air though :) Despite the allergies that are going to come parading into my life like clowns in some circus freak show, I'm happy to be able to smell earth and flowers again. Stupid snow...ruined my life! I can't wait until it gets to be brighter outside....boy am I schizophrenic today...i went from weepy to maniacal in two sentences....
I think sleep is calling perhaps....

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lead Me Not to Temptation, I can Find My Own Way There


Yay! Fun weekend! (kind of). On Friday, someone tipped me off to a huge Cole's booksale. 2 books for a buck! That's practically free. So I temporarily lost my mind and bought 10 of them. Then I had to lug them around for the rest of the day, but boy howdy! Did the collection ever grow! I even got a couple of those crazy Shakespeare plays (Julius Caesar and Much Ado About Nothing). Lovely. I'm very excited. Now to get reading! I sucker myself into these horrible situations, where now I have to read these books....I don't know why I do this....will keep you updated on progress!

Today I went shopping. I get lost at metrotown, perhaps driving there is more than my brain can handle. But I made it there and back without actually killing anyone. I got a dress! It's blue and fancy. I don't think I've had a dress in a very long time. Probably since that festive one I wore for my 8th birthday. zoyah and I had a good shopping day. We got everything really fast, and then we spent some time waffling around the mall. We couldnt believe how quick and painless it was. Generally, it's hard work! Now I have something to wear for the new year coming up, where I have to pretend I like people again. I dare they disrupt me hermit-like ways.
If I were to be anything in this lifetime, I'd likely be a shut-in.

Okay, it's getting late, so I should probably sleep perchance to dream...or wake up in a cold sweat grinding my teeth...whatever comes first....ta!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

What's a Knife in the Back if you Can't Twist It :)


Current state of mind: Tired, but not sleepy

Current song: I can never be your woman by Whitetown (It came out in 1998 or something, along with that latin craze. God, 1998 was terrible)

My sister and I discovered a new show. Its called "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader". Apparently we are not. We were tired and couldn't spell allegiance. How terrible is that, and I pride myself on being the grammar police. Though I got that question about the suffixes right. Which is good, because otherwise, how stupid would I be. It is an american show so they asked some pretty odd questions like how many teaspoons in five tablespoons. Who learns that??? Not me. Plus if you're indian, you don't measure, you chuck things into a pot. A bit, is more than a pinch, and a smidge. Some is more than a bit, and a lot means a LOT. 8 or 9 of something, actually means 15 or so. I have taken on this method of craziness when cooking. I figure I might as well torture the kids that I have with this same method. They're obviously going to have to learn to fend for themselves because I'll probably end up forgetting them at the store or something. I'm so incompetent.

Anyway, I think i'm going to go and read. It's getting late. I hope I can get to sleep tonight. I havent been able to in the last couple of days. I am starting to get bags under my eyes. I'll probably have to check them in next time i travel if this keeps up. See you all after the weekend. I plan to shop. Expect a full recap!