Monday, February 5, 2007

Who Me? I just wander from room to room...

Sometimes self-awareness and my generally introspective nature leads me to ask, do people know when they're being stupid? Like really? do they? There are people who vary in the ability to recognize when they are coming off being rather offensive. For instance, do people buy into the signs that you don't like their company? Once in a while, I get the people who want my entire autobiography including the undisclosed nitty-gritties, when they have just walked in through the door and shook my hand. Listen, if you want my autobiography, you are just going to have to wait for my memoirs!
See, I figure that if you know yourself well enough, you are able to at least monitor. I know when I'm being a jerk....that's all well and good. And I'm also perfectly at peace with the fact that I'm kind of nerdy, kind of cynical, and an intellectual snob (and I have friends!...surprised? Probably because I'm so damned loveable!). I don't think some people have that radar and don't have quite that level of self-awareness. It would be a tremendous benefit I think.

So here's what...Oprah did a show on Aging Well. Holy crap. There was one woman who was 70 and looked to be maybe 55 or so. And the woman who was 55 looked 35. They all said that the secret to looking that young was that they were doing what they loved, and they loved themselves while doing it. I think what keeps my inner beast tamed is having coffee on a regular basis...and the workouts don't seem to be hindering the process either. Luckily, my family ages well. My mother is actually 75! and my grandmother...214....and me....58....don't I look good? :)

Watched The Hills today. There's already a player and I'm so looking forward to the rest of the season. Seriously, I have no life. One more week until a digicam! yay!