Thursday, February 1, 2007

Things Unsaid and Little Blessings

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It's so late right now and I've got this cough, which is driving me positively bonkers, but oh well. There's been much back-and-forthing on my part lately. This ambivalence has taken some weird turns. Nonetheless, I shall concentrate on the two things that are in my title.

First, the blessing. My work was published in inscribed, which came out today. (check me out at I'm proud, happy, a little nauseous and a bit scared. So far so good though! We shall see what we shall see. I shall consider it an inspiration from heaven. i can only be thankful for my "way with words".

And now my list of things unsaid. They don't apply to particular people. Okay, they do. But in the spirit of letting things go this year, here goes:

I know my cooking sucks, but thanks for eating it anyway.

How can you have the nerve to love me. You must have particularly thick skin or an affinity to torture!

It's fine if I only see you once a year. More than that, and I'm not sure I could handle it.

I try my best. Once in a while, try not to correct me.

No I didn't tell them. I won't ever.

I know I should love you, but I don't. And i'm not the only one.

For once, tell the truth and stop hiding it under that smile.

I can't believe you told me a bay leaf would kill me! I completely believed you and I'm the older one!

Don't call me hypocritical, when you consider yourself above others. Nothing gives you that right.

I love you, but sometimes you need to shut up.

I like you better over email, than I do in person.

You're tough to get past, but I'm a stubborn one.

I didn't talk to you then, why would I now?

If you're not going to make an effort, don't expect I will.

I'm sure I have more grievances than this. But I'm saying this for all of those people who want to say these things and can't. Take your pick!
Anyway, more over the weekend, and then on Monday! Ciao!