Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I Consistently Disappoint The Angel on my Right Shoulder

That's right. I probably do disappoint that angel everyday. Oh well. Better to have lived, than to have stared out the window.

Anyway, so yesterday I went to see Pan's Labyrinth with a friend of mine. Good movie. Good in a gratuitous violence and gooey sense. It's very different from other movies. And it's in spanish. I would only recommend it if you can stand graphic violence (much close-range shooting happens). It's a weird/different kind of story. Worth seeing. But again, beware! I saw some woman who seemed to have brought her 6 year old with her. Probably not the world's greatest idea/the world best parenting decision. Hmmmm. Sometimes you have to wonder at the choices people make. o_O

So, I'm sure you heard about the Astronaut story. Was that not the most amusing story you have every heard? She drove from one city to another with a diaper on so she wouldn't have to take a pee break to confront the woman who was sharing the affections of a man. Love triangle at its weirdest. GET ANOTHER MAN! God, what's wrong with these people. Here, you can HAVE Filip! sheesh....
And it makes me think, there are people who do so well for themselves. Like becoming Olympic medalists, or astronauts and they go and screw it all up by doing something so imbicilic that it boggles the mind. As someone once said, there's a thin line between genius and insanity.
And a woman no doubt. I think this woman just set the Women's movement back about 2 weeks. The things you work at, glass ceilings and such. Then some complete defective comes and screws it up. I tell ya.....
Alright, I'm done expressing my rage about this situation. Tomorrow I'm going to La Boheme at the Chan centre. I'm very excited. Details soon!