Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

Yay! Today is my Blog's first birthday. Yes, that's right. It has officially been one year since I've had a life. Oh sad. But I have enjoyed the writing. It forces me to write as often as I can. It's not all that interesting, but it passes the time.
So in honour of this occasion, I've decided to recount some special memories.
PS: That's totally a cake! It's from some place called Collette's Cakes in the bowels of the United States (PPS: not a good idea to use the word "cake" and "bowel" in the same sentence)
February 2006 - I was in love with Travis and I thought people sucked (remember Travis?)
March 2006 - I discovered a new bookstore, and some new words like Weltschmertz
April 2006 - I turned an inauspicious 24, we ran out of water, and had a new bathtub put in. Remember that? How awful for us all. I fell in love with Scott Fescuk
May 2006 - I complained about the lack of Bras in the city, and started plotting my leave from this continent
June 2006 - I fell in love with an Australian chef and half of the teams for the FIFA world cup
July 2006 - I wanted a 3000 dollar buddha (I'm Waiting!....), my Timmy's on North Road met an untimely demise (so many memories...)
August 2006 - LONDON BABY!
September 2006 - I don't remember most of it, because I was too busy choking.
October 2006 - We discovered Laguna beach, which has changed our lives, and I got mad at Prince Lorenzo whatshisface. What kind of man cries?!
November 2006 - We reminisced about the rain, and the load of it that was coming down, and I fell in love with McSteamy
December 2006 - I fell in love with George Stromboulopoulos (man, I fall in love a lot...i'm so fickle) and I camped for the first time in 12 years. How odd.

Well that was a year in perspective. You'll notice I didn't recount January. Mostly because it was 20 days ago, and I'm sure you're not gerbils, so you probably have a salient enough memory. Unless you are highly intelligent gerbils. I'll stop talking now. Enjoy!