Saturday, February 3, 2007

Does rain mean angels are crying or God is spitting?

So it's saturday, and I have toooo much ammo to wait for two days to write a blog. This morning, we went to the Bank, so i can count how much money I have and roll around in it, if I have time. It was not roll-worthy. But I got my cute teller *blush*. His name is Filip and he's Italian I think, and tall and has curly hair (which not a big fan of), and he makes conversation with me. He makes me smile. My mom told me I look good when I smile. I frowned and told her if she wanted me to smile more, then I should have to take Filip home. She scoffed.

Then we went to the Carwash. They do these hand carwashes out on Hastings Street. Once you figure out where the joint is, you leave your car there, and they do it all up pretty for you. It even smells nice :) The old man who did the car wash, was this fellow, perhaps Afghani, or maybe something like Albanian. He looked shrewd, but he had good taste. He asked my mom if I was her daughter. She said yes (Thank God!), and he said "very nice". I think he meant I was good looking. I have to agree with his taste. I like old benevolent men. And he wasn't pervy, and didn't check my butt out in those jeans. That was refreshing.

I found a new website, which I think is very cool. It's at Basically people send in anonymous postcards (much in the spirit of my list in the previous posting), and they are posted on this website. It's very interesting to read. It was recommended someone on This Fish. Yes, I have too much spare time on my hands. Below, is the one I thought was funny, and kind of cute. Not sure if it applies to me. Though I have to say, being single has its perks (i.e. Filip!)

Checker out! Okay, I'm going to go and take a bath. I shall come back soon...