Thursday, February 8, 2007


So, I just came back from a production of La Boheme put on by UBC Opera. It was really well done....great singers, great streamlined set, good costuming, wonderful orchestra. It was a good bit of fun. La Boheme is ethereally melodramatic, and sort of an odd take on An Italian's view of the french. Still it makes me want to move to paris, and hang out in cafes, date a painter, smoke cheap cigarettes and read Camou. How romantic a notion that is. I love the Opera....*sigh*

So my favourite other blog, This Fish ( wrote about how it's not love if it doesn't suck. Not in the way where you have to be hurt everyday of your life, but how inconvenient it can be. For instance, having to go to the concert for a band that your partner loves but you don't care for, or having to go to your partner's mother's 65th birthday when she is the true incarnation of what Sailors called the Sea Hag. I agree, you really gotta deal with that type of guff. Kudos to those of you who haven't set your hair on fire yet. I admire your braveness (or pity your foolishness....whichever)

And now, to bed I go. An early reminder that February 14th is Valentine's Day/ Single's Awareness Day. Be nice to your valentine (Men: No stale chocolate! Women: He'll appreciate a power drill, NOT the photo frame!). Be nice to the singles in your lives to. They earned that badge of honour!
Single and Proud of it!