Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All men are afraid of eyelash curlers. I sleep with one under my pillow, instead of a gun.

Happy Singles Awareness Day (and valentine's day...*grumble grumble expletive*)
This is me being sweet. I know my mom is thinking "Why didn't I give her up for adoption when i had the chance". She already called me stupid child this morning. Ah, I love family :P
So anyway, let's start of with Top Reasons It's good to be Single:
1. Granny Undies can rule your life (they come 5 for $8!)
2. You can flirt shamelessly with as many people you want at any time
3. Filip
4. If you want to be smelly you can be smelly (but please don't).
5. You dress up for you (and you're hot!)
6. You can hang out with "The Boys" and nobody will be jealous
7. You never have to choose between partner and [insert other thing: friends, family, dog, work]
8. You can make your own damn decisions, even the stupid ones
9. None of that crappy romantic stuff (Chocolates make me fat, i'm allergic to flowers, and silver makes my ears itch)
10. You can try plenty before you bite the bullet and commit (that's half the fun! :))
Okay, so I went to get digicam today. It's not there today! How annoying is that. The moment they told me it hadn't come in, my brain got hot, which was not good. If you say it's gonna be there on a certain day, it had better damned be there....Stupid people. I nearly cancelled the order and reamed them out, but I figured I'd wreck my own day if I did. So, we wait patiently for this stupid thing. What a hassle *expletive expletive*
Anyway, time to get something to eat. Have a good one everyone!