Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When in Doubt, Mumble

Wow, has it ever been raining out there or what! But nothing will stop the Jehovah's witnesses from knocking at the door.
So yesterday, i signed up for this new thing called Facebook (www.facebook.com). It's this new myspace type thing, perhaps less annoying and you make up a profile and people can add you as friends and write on your graffiti wall. Oddly enough, there is an alumni group from my highschool there as well. Really, do I need another reason to hate people? I'm not part of the alumni group, but I could spy on them from time to time, if I really wanted to. Anyway, it's an interesting little thing. So far I have nine friends on it. Which is the total amount of friends I have in real life :) Nobody likes me :(

Also, my dearest of friends, who I have known for a long time now, has imported this book by Hafez, a persian poet from the umpteenth century. you ask the book a question, and you open up the pages to wherever you want, and it gives you an answer in the form of old persian poetry, which you then translate into now-talk. So obviously I asked about my love life/ lack thereof. Hafez gave me an answer alright. He said, leave it to God. The time will come. What??? Mum, are you sure you didn't write that book. Worst advice ever! Leave it to God...feh I say, Feh! Fine, I'll leave it to God, but I'd better get a damn good marriage out of it, or at least a long lasting affair, if not the former. And he'd better be good-looking to boot. Making me wait...*grumble grumble*
Okay, i'm done updating you on my rather dull existence. I'm going to go and eat now. Hunger calls!