Friday, January 26, 2007

Things that Scare Me

So I've decided to write about things that scare me today. I'm not sure why, it was a really lovely sunny day, and I guess I get to be the cloud hanging behind the silver lining always a threat...rawr!

Okay, one thing that scares me is that guy who hosts the advert for the Christian Children's Fund. You know him: He looks like Santa in a safari suit. He always scares me because he's a combination of Santa and your mother's disappointment. He also says you're heartless if you change the channel, which makes it even worse. He scares me.

Another thing that scares me is babies. Not because I don't think they're cute. i never know what to do with them. I was never really a kid, so I can't relate. i end up wanting to shake hands with them and introduce myself formally. It's not good. i don't do baby language either, so really it's kind of a pointless. I'm not armed. Plus they're too noisy for my taste. They should be more quiet.

And the last thing that scares me is food that's piled up very high. This includes the oranges in the grocery store. One wrong move, and you could cause an utter catastrophe. Or if you take just the wrong amount off of the Biriani plate, and you cause an avalanche of chicken legs, rice and fried onion. Nightmare.
I hope this post makes up for being lame for the last while. enjoy!!