Monday, January 29, 2007

Spandex is Unforgiving and right now it's holding a grudge against you!

My title is care of my little sister (She came up with that! I'm the proudest sister. Her transformation is coming along nicely :))
It's been a movie kind of a weekend. Which was really good. On saturday I watched "The Scoop" with Scarlett Johannsen and Hugh Jackman (drool) and Woody Allen. Extremely funny movie, commissioned by the BBC, so you know it's good. I love Woody Allen. he's a creepy old man but he sure is funny! i recommend watching if you haven't already.

And then yesterday I watched Mr. India. A childhood favorite. it's indian obviously, so it was all my afternoon. It was great though! Mogambo is the best villain ever and you can't contest that! Even if you don't do the Indian movie thing. He could totally kick all other villains' asses right off of this world. Of course, it's a happy ending, so you know he didn't win, but still, you can't argue with an indian man who has blonde hair and a pit of red acid! Best movie ever! I must have seen it at least 2 dozen times since I was six years old!

Guess what else! I'm rocking this life! I am getting published in another magazine! I'm going to be in the February Issue of Inscribed Magazine! Yessssss! And at the end of the year, I shall be anthologized by Inscribed. yes, my world takeover is coming along nicely :) Props to be for being the best. Details when the mag comes out.

Have started new book. Called Rainsongs of Kotli by a local (Vancouverite) author named Tariq Malik. I shall let you know how it is. It's short so I will probably be done soon. i need to head down to my favourite bookstore soon.
Alright....must go waste some more time! Talk soon!