Thursday, January 11, 2007

My fake plant died because I forgot to pretend to water it.

Generally a terribly dull day. i think this snow is left my brain coated with a frosty white film that's going to be hard to scrape off one of these days. On the other hand, I did watch Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. Good shows. I love that new episodes are starting up. I wish my life was as interesting as theirs is. Sadly....not.

I think that my current challenge is to find a reason to shave my legs. I was thinking about that. I have no idea why we get all dolled up for no reason at all. All this maintenance is terribly time consuming. Perhaps a warm climate would be a good idea. I should look into a retreat in the Bahamas or something.

A dear friend of mine reminded me the other day that our 10 year reunion is going to be in 3 years. I'm hoping to have accomplished something significant by then. This seems to be terribly slow to be getting going. Hm, how to begin saving the world.....oh I know! I'll start with a healthy breakfast and see where things go from there!

Ah yes, I have my retirement plan already. After I get famous, I am going to retire in the greek Islands in a lovely house by the sea. Of course a hat will be necessary. Occassionally I shall visit the Greek ruins and write my memoirs. You can all drop by of course. Alright, I have exhausted scaling this writers block. Tomorrow, I shall try and be more interesting!