Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Not Shy....I'm Observing my Prey

So, yes I finally changed that flower. It was starting to feel a bit happy. I replaced it with a gargoyle, and a new pic of myself. Today i feel more like the gargoyle. I have had a headache again for 2 days. Don't ask. It seems to start off pretty badly in the morning.

I proceeded to read my "works of Dorothy Parker" again last night. if she wasn't dead, we'd probably be best friends. If you get a chance, read her story called the "Telephone Call". It's about a woman who is waiting for a telephone call from her boyfriend. She keeps praying to God that he'll call and makes silly bargains with him. It's a good indication of how stupid people act when they're in love. I say make the deal with the devil. He delivers right away. As they say, hard work pays off later, but laziness pays of Now! I say the devil is your man. I like him....he's aite.
My friend and I were having a talk about relationships and the unearthly fear that grips people when it comes to commitment. I say, don't jump in the deep end if you don't know how to swim. See that's why I go screaming and running the other way. There are those people who make all of the moves towards it, and then decide that they don't like the whole thing. I think fear is a dodgy sort of excuse to be making. You know perfectly well!

I miss london.

My typing has significantly slowed down. I have been typing this since 9 this morning (I'm kidding). I should probably go. Have an adequate day everyone!