Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm convinced to within an acceptable margin of error that he loves me

The quote in my title is from Lilith Crane. You all probably know that I'm a huge Frasier fan. I hated cheers...still do, but I caught on to Frasier. Mostly because of his nice apartment and because I think Niles is hilarious. When everyone in highschool was watching Seinfeld, I'd be watching Dr. Crane. Lilith is the perfect example of people who don't show emotion. I love her, she's so sharp.

Anyway, enough of my drooling over that show. So, Rosie has started it up again huh. Today she has started by trashing Paula Abdul. Well, no, she started about a week ago. Okay, so she knows that the thing with Trump got out of hand, so wouldn't she watch what she said? I'm all for being outspoken (Heck, when have I ever shut up?), but there is a limit to it. Yes, and I agree that the judges on American Idol can be demonic and put people out of sorts, but if you didn't know that, then you probably shouldn't be on the show. It's just a bit silly. And I really think that Rosie should start to watch it. She's going to fall horribly out of favour if she continues to insult people. There is a line between being cleverly observant (like me! *haughty laugh*) and saying it like it is, and being unwittingly crass. She is starting to impose on the latter.

I'm happy to see the rain (FINALLY!). I hope it continues. I do like the rain, and I love the waterfront when it rains. There is something comforting in that blanket of fog. Okay, I stopped being funny about an hour ago, so I should stop and go to sleep. Wishing you Good Day and Good Mental Health!