Monday, January 15, 2007

I Will Not Encourage Others to Fly

So much for eventful. It looks like things are clouding over and we are going to be hit by another miniature, yet cold snow storm. Oh well, you can only bitch about it so much. I am glad that the East got their comeuppins. Winter golf my butt! Take that Ontario!

So they executed Saddam Hussein's Right Hand Man....But they mucked it up. He's a tall guy and they gave him too much rope and he picked up too much vertigo, hence decapitating him. Wow, wonder what it would be like to be in that room. I wouldn't want to catch that! Oh dear. I guess Physics and war tactics are not the strong points for the Americans. Maybe they should stick to shootin' 'coons...

Ooh ooh! New Blogs! I discovered "Seen Reading" a lovely blog written by a Torontonian Writer, Julie Wilson. She basically gets on a bus (to somewhere I'm sure) and writes about the people that she sees reading books. Very candid and beautifully written. Also, her work will be published in Maissonneuve magazine (A Cultural/Literary magazine from Montreal) *Sigh* yet another person to look upto. ( I am feeling increasing left behind lately. I must catch up on my reading....But there are so many other things I have to do...Like watch my neighbour from the kitchen window as he makes a futile and assinine attempt to chisel out chunks of ice from the road with a screwdriver and a wrench (acting as a hammer). I will of course, keep you updated on his progress......


Julie Wilson said...


Just a little Hello to thank you for the mention. Glad you're liking the "exploration".

Enjoy your day and *holds up mug* your coffee!