Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eternal Nothingness is Okay if you're dressed for it

Current State of Mind: The Evil Dead

Current Song: Never Know by Jack Johnson *sigh*

I'm sick....I'm running a temperature and I don't feel like eating. Nor do I feel like being particularly on the up and up. But oh well. Well, the above quote is by Woody Allen. Again, funny, creeepy old man. He's sort of nerdy too. Which is good. I'm ever embracing my inner nerd. I think it's a good move. Also, if I get analytical enough, I can take over the world.

So, today I shall tell you the story of how I acquired the blog's name (Strawberry Ghetto, if you didn't pick that up already). When we were in london (where all things worth telling take place), my aunt made me go to the freezer and pull out a strawberry cake. It was marked Strawberry Gateau. But because my entire upper generation, meaning aunts, mother, uncles have accents, they end up saying Gateau like Ghetto. It's cute, and the topic of much ridicule. If you ask any one of them to say Ellison and Allison, they both sound like Ellison. Beecoz they hehve excents. It's still cute. Zoyah and I will acquire said accents when we are older. Yes, it doesn't matter that we were Canadian raised. All Ismailis must take on the personas of their parents.
And now you know.

Zoyah and i have discovered a new show. it's called the Hills and it's exactly like Laguna Beach but with way less good looking guys. We're watching the premiere next week! yes! I now have a reason to live again!

I was reading This Fish yesterday (a blog on ivillage:, and she wrote this list about things unsaid. Things you wish you said to people, but for whatever reason, you haven't. I'm going to do mine up soon. Expect a posting. Okay, until another time, when my eyeballs aren't on fire.