Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bursting the Big Bubble

Captain's Log (yes I said it)
Current State of Mind: forboding, and kind of hungry
Current Song: Emily Haines Dr. Blind

Vancouver is an embarrassment sometimes. i do so enjoy the city, with it's Starbucks dotting the metropolitan field like so many caffeinated daisies, and its view of the ocean and the mountains all at once, giving you a sensory overload. You really can't breathe it in enough for the life of you.

However, we embarrass ourselves in front of the world all too often. Yesterday, if you haven't already heard, BC Place deflated. Yes, that's right, deflated. There got to be a giant hole in one of the panels in the roof, and then the whole thing collapsed in on itself. And this is the venue that is supposed to be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics. Again, how are we supposed to do that if the roof falls in? I'm not sure anymore what my tax dollars are paying for. We are so behind! How terrible for everyone
On the bright side, Canada won the juniors in world hockey. That rocks (uh, I think).
It's currently unfathomably icy outside and nobody is going anywhere fast today. So we're all going to stay inside, because I hear there is no traffic out there (and for good reason). And you Ontarians shut up! Even with snow tires we can't snake our way up these frickin mountains okay?
Okay, i'm done yelling at central Canada...I bid you good day sir!